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上海焦扬网络科技有限公司(Uzone)成立于2014年1月,专注于以游戏为载体的文化内容产品的创作和全球发行和运营,是中国游戏海外发行的第一代领军企业,是中国顶尖的游戏海外发行平台及文化输出领先企业。 公司始终坚持的理念是平等、开放、合作、共赢,带领中国游戏进入全球市场。坚信中国文化产业尤其是互联网游戏产业,凭借深厚的中国文化底蕴,拥有属于自己的创新,一定能打破地域、形式的限制,为世界的用户带来极致的娱乐体验。 Company profile: Shanghai Uzone Network Technology Co., Ltd (Uzone) was founded in January 2014. It is a company concentrated on worldwide distribution and operation of cultural content taking games as carrier. It is a top-notched overseas game distribution platform, a culture export company in China and one of the first leading companies to export Chinese games to overseas market. The company always adheres to the concept of equality, openness, cooperation and win-win, leading the Chinese game industry into the global market. We firmly believes that China's cultural industry, especially the game industry, has its own innovations with profound Chinese culture. It can break the restrictions of geography and forms to bring the ultimate entertainment experience for users all over the world.